How Does a Cam Model’s Schedule Influence Her Earnings?

The main factor which influences a cam model’s earnings is her being online. So you need to spend online as much time as possible and make a stable schedule. Today I will try to answer the question how a cam model’s schedule influences her earnings and what is the best time of a day for a cam model’s work.

Making One’s Schedule

It’s necessary to make a schedule in such a way so that you have an opportunity to go online at the same time on other days. Earnings in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and at night differ. You need to take into consideration your efficiency at this or that time. The more comfortable you feel, the more you will enjoy work on webcam. Besides, taking into consideration time zones of clients is also very important; there are members from different countries on every website. For instance, on LiveJasmin there are many people from the USA and France, and on MyFreeCams the majority of members are from Germany, the USA and UAE and so on.

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Consequently, you should make your schedule bearing in mind the time of clients. The preferred time of members from the USA is evening, so webcam girls from Russia who live in the Moscow time zone will have to work from the midnight till 6 am (adding 8 hours to the USA time). The formula of defining what time it is better to work at comprises an individual working schedule of a client and his time zone and preferences of a cam model. It should be noted, that a correctly made schedule doesn’t suit every website, and it means that you should work on the websites where your schedule is fine and avoid other sites.

Statistics on What Time Cam Models Prefer to Work at

Some statistics from our web studio: we have asked our cam models what day of the week they consider to be the best and what time of the day brings more money. All the girls work on a few websites, but we will show numbers for the site they focus on. So

  • LiveJasmin – Friday and Saturday. Timetable: 6 pm – 1 am;
  • Xlove Cam – Thursday and Friday. Timetable: 8 am – 2 pm;
  • BongaCams – Sunday. Timetable 2 pm – 10 pm;
  • ImLive – public holidays and days off. Timetable: 8 am – midnight;
  • MyFreeCams – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday. Timetable: 8 pm – 3 am.

In the examples written above the time is given according to the Moscow time zone. This is only a part of the survey which we would like you to look through.

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For example, we could share two more cases which have been written down. One of our cam models with 3 months work experience went online in the morning shift from 7am till 2 pm. Her focus was on LiveJasmin and ImLive. Her earnings for two weeks were $675.08. The other model with 6 months work experience went online from 6 pm till 2 am. Her focus was on MyFreeCams. Her earnings were $700. A detailed method of counting a correlation of earnings and time is offered below in our online calculator which can help everyone who wishes it to count one’s approximate earnings.

Cooperation with us ensures not only a technical support for you, but our help with making you a schedule and counting your future earnings as well.