How Much Can One Earn Working as a Cam Model?

Today we’ll discuss a very acute topic. Both newcomers and experienced cam models are interested in it. It’s how much one can earn working as a cam model.

Earnings of a new cam model

New cam models who have just registered and still have to learn a lot earn a minimum usually. They work all the recommended 4 or 5 hours and get from $30 to $70 per shift. Naturally, one has to take into consideration a compatibility of websites and traffic on them. To find out which site could be more lucrative for you, you need to pay your attention to different sites and consider them all. It might be possible though that working on one site can bring you more income than working on 5 different sites at the same time.

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Of course, a model’s gender plays a great role too. On webcam girls are more in demand than men so their earnings are higher. The main thing which determines earnings of a cam model is a category they work in. Couple work is paid for much more than working alone, and the price for the couple’s private chat is a few times higher than the price for the private chat of a model who works alone.

Our web studio statistics show earnings of 3 new webcam girls. The first one worked in the category Girl on 2 sites and earned $160 during 4 days. The second and the third girls worked as a couple on one site and earned $505 during 4 days. So one can easily make a conclusion that working as a cam model will bring you an unlimited income.

How much can experienced models earn?

It’s much for experienced girls or/and guys in the web industry as they have all the things necessary for high earnings: right lighting, advanced equipment, knowledge, experience which they use boldly in their work and many other things as well. Our statistics show earnings of experienced cam models for a long period and we’ve got average figures.

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So girls from the category Girl earn about $130-$150 per shift which lasts 8 or 10 hours. Girls who work in couples earn approximately $180-$200 per shift which lasts 6 or 8 hours. The schedules have been made for every girl individually; we recommend making the most comfortable schedule for you. Earnings are stable; variations in earnings are from $30 to $40.

Earnings of guys on webcam

It is also necessary to devote time for describing earnings of guys who work as cam models. Newcomers who work alone earn about $30-$40 per shift which lasts 5 or 7 hours. Naturally, one’s knowledge of websites plays a more important role than communicating with clients. Experienced male models who work alone earn from $50; our statistics don’t show what the highest possible earnings are as they are always different. Statistics show that men who work in a couple with a girl earn from $100 per shift which lasts for 5 hours. Maximum earnings here are $250 and it has happened more than once.

If you would like to count your future earnings in the webcam business, we can offer you our calculator of a cam model’s earnings.

In conclusion we can say that webcam gives a stable and unlimited income. Don’t concentrate your attention on the given numbers too much, as they refer to somebody else’s earnings and you can easily earn more.