How to Promote a Room of a Cam Model?

What shall I do to get more views of my room? How to attract people? And on the whole, how to promote an account of a cam model? Absolutely all cam models have thought of these questions. Here we will try address all these questions and give competent answers to them.

Pieces of Advice on Promoting an Account

The amount of views of a model’s room directly depends on your profile so it should be made up well:

  • There should be 5 or more photos;
  • All the necessary information should be written;
  • Updating of the status influences it too.

The more beautiful your profile is, the more often people will view it and visit your room as well, and it means your chances of earning more money increase. You could try making thematic photo sessions devoted to every holiday and update your closed (which can be opened for money) albums as an additional way of earning money. In this case the interest to you won’t fade away.

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Try to comply with the technical requirements of the website itself. Plan beforehand when you are online and write it in your profile or inform the members about it using your status. The most important thing is to make members loyal to you, and they, in their turn, will manage their and not your time. Word of advice, go online at the same time, at least try to do it. Work 5 hours as a minimum.

Promoting a Cam Model with the Help of Other Sites

Answering the second question, we can say that we recommend attracting people from the outside. Giving a link to your room to sites of third parties to advertise it is an excellent way to promote your room; many top models have got their loyal members doing exactly this kind of thing. The aim of this action is to inform as many people as possible; and even though at first few clients will visit your room, with time they will visit your room more and more often.

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You could also write to support the website and ask them to help you to promote your room; you will also need to give your agreement to that, and the website will place additional banners of your room on the sites it cooperates with (some websites such as ImLive, LiveJasmin help to solve this problem).

Promotion of an account takes from 1 to 3 months usually. You will need to be patient and diligent. And remember, you never give up after the first failures.