Pieces of Advice for Cam Models

Many new and experienced models ask a lot of questions and a great many of them are the same. It’s difficult to answer them again and again, so in this big article we’ll give some pieces of advice to webcam girls. We will talk about different stages of work, the working place and what should be there and many other nuances.

What is it Necessary to Do before Work?

The list below is only a recommendation, it’s not obligatory.

  • Clean your room. Your room shouldn’t be dusty or dirty. Members should like your surroundings.
  • Apply make-up to look well. We advise against sitting or looking sleepy on the screen.
  • Put the clothes you will put on for the private chats nearby (if you are going to change clothes).

We have enumerated the main things to do before work above and now we’ll talk about what a model is supposed to do during broadcasting.

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Pieces of Advice for Broadcasting.

So you have cleaned your room, made yourself beautiful and sat down to work. Now you should do the following:

  1. Get ready with your playlist with songs in English and switch it on;
  2. Log off social nets and put your phone away;
  3. Open the translator and set it BEFORE broadcasting;
  4. Open the websites and locate them on the screen in such a way so that you can see all the chats at once (make all the windows smaller to have them all on the screen);
  5. Be smiling and friendly, even to ass holes (remember that the best answer to an insult is ignoring);
  6. Block a minimum of guest and members not to make them want to visit your again and spoil your day;
  7. Stick to your guns and never tell members where you are from, give them fake information and never speak your mother tongue;
  8. Avoid and conversation about your personal data (your address, credit card number, phone number, real name, links to social nets);
  9. In the private chat be slow and never do what a member “demands” at once. He has taken you to the private chat not because he thought you would obey his commands, but because he liked you so you need to follow your strategy;
  10. Never break the rules of the website even if a member has promised to gift you money.

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What Shouldn’t One Do while Broadcasting?

A great many of models do very common things incorrectly. Here we have collected a few pieces of advice on what you should avoid doing during broadcasting:

  • Don’t stay naked during all the time even if your category allows it. At first get a member interested in you and only then entertain him;
  • Don’t break the rules of the webcam site. The third parties shouldn’t be seen on the screen, don’t eat, don’t show blood.
  • Besides, don’t pay your attention to some things which are not connected with your current work such as talking on the phone or communicating with somebody in your room.

Please, share your experience and pieces of advice on working in the video chat in comments.