Earning Money in the Private Chat without Taking off your Clothes

Many girls and guys who come to know about webcam start learning more about it and ask the following question: “Is it necessary to take off one’s clothes?” We have already answered this question in one of our articles. But how to earn money without doing it? What do one’s earnings depend upon? And who is ready to pay? We will answer these questions in this article.

Let’s start with the question “What do one’s earnings depend upon?” Like on any other site people earn money on webcam using the following things:

  • The private chat (it is also called the paid chat, exclusive chat, etc.);
  • Surprises (sometimes they are called gifts, etc);
  • Tips;
  • Games (usually cards; this game is on the site itself and available only for dollars).

photo girl and computer

These are four main things which will provide you with earnings on webcam. You need to decide beforehand which of them you are going to use. The choice of the website and the sum of money you can earn will depend on your decision. Now we will have a close look at the way models earn money in the private chat. It is also called the paid or exclusive chat because one earns money by tips, games and gifts and it directly depends on one’s actions in the chat.

Who is Ready to Pay for the Private Chat in Which There is no Show?

Common people are ready to pay for it – they are lonely men and women. You might be surprised that women are ready to pay too. You may ask: what for? It’s all very simple, it happens so that very often women hide behind male nicks and avatars. It might be so that they are lesbians or it’s their fetish.

Besides, here one can meet people who don’t have friends in real life and therefore nobody to talk to about their problems; these situations made it possible to start comparing a cam model with a psychologist. These people never make demands in the local chat such as “I will take you to the private chat if you take off your dress!” or “Get up, then we will go to the private chat”. They don’t pressure you for quick answers and wait for your answer which is important for them patiently. Some of them can be in love with you and want to get to know you better (it’s not what you are thinking of, they want to find out your geo location and information about your hobbies). There are many people on webcam who can’t express themselves and say loudly what they want in real life because of some circumstances.

How to Earn Money?

Maybe you don’t know what is there to talk about since you are not a professional psychologist. It’s much easier than you might think. First of all, be patient and don’t’ use short answers such as Ok, Yes and THX. Give detailed answers to all questions (for instance the question is the following: “How are you?” Your answer is “Wonderful! The weather is so great today that one feels upbeat and optimistic at once. I have even thought that I might write a poem. What would you say to that?)

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Don’t say just thank you when you are given compliments. Try to say something like this: I’m so (beautiful) because my dad is from Poland, mum was born in the Ukraine, and my great grandfather was from (the country the member is from). Make up a legend about your plans for the future but keep in mind that this communication is virtual. Don’t write that you are going to move to the country the member is from, choose Turkey or Thailand. Explain why but don’t complain, you are here to listen to members’ complaints and about their problems. Your every answer can help to start a new sub dialogue in the main dialogue about how one’s day is going on.

Ask questions yourself and be interested sincerely. Everything depends only on you and on your abilities.

Avoid the most controversial topics in chats:

  • Politics;
  • Religion;
  • Criminal records.

Don’t break the rules of the website (don’t share your contacts, etc.), be friendly and smile. And remember: your room – your rules.

Write in comments if you think it’s possible to attract a member by chatting.