Placing Indoor Lighting Devices for a Cam Model

Lighting is one of the most important things to pay attention to while making your room suitable for working as a webcam girl. Your success and popularity depend on it. It is a beautiful picture which encourages men to talk to you, to prolong your conversation and to give you a gift. To make the picture bright and colorful you need to find lighting devices which will be right for you (they could be lamps, softboxes, lighting appliances, etc) and to place your computer at the right place in relation to the window and all the lighting devices.

Getting the Lighting Right

First of all, it is necessary to cover the window with Venetian blinds, curtains, or cloth. Then put the computer opposite of the window in the middle of the room and put the monitor and camera in such a way so that they face the door. Put a chandelier with bulbs on the ceiling above the computer. After having done the things mentioned above you need to buy lighting appliances. The cheapest and most suitable set includes a lighting umbrella and a minimum of two lamps; if the room is dark the amount of lamps increases. When your earnings increase you will need to improve lighting.

light for model

Secondly, you will have to fix your web camera specially for you so that it could flatter your appearance and hide shortcomings. To do that you need to open Additional Settings in the web camera app and to try to change them: increase or decrease intensity, clarity, contrast, etc. It will help to make your image look better, softer and more professional.

Useful Pieces of Advice on Getting the Lighting Right

  • Sources of lighting should be put equally across the room, so you will have diffused light, not light from just one corner.
  • Don’t direct light to the camera or it will make the image blurred and of a bad quality.
  • All lighting should be in one shade. Lamps of different colours will distort the image and underline your shortcomings.
  • It is better to avoid using cold light lamps with a blue shade; pastel hues are much better.
  • If you don’t have an opportunity to buy lamps at once, use a light room.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with putting sources of light in different ways, because if you get the lighting right your chances to show yourself well considerably increase, and you will catch the bluebird of happiness.

photo room

Pay special attention to the positions of light sources. If you can’t make up your mind which position is better then you could use a triple approach (one source of light is on the ceiling not right above you but at an angle on the right or on the left, another source of light is at an angle and directed a bit upwards thus making lighting diffused and the image soft, and the third source of light is above at the far end of the room to outline your figure and separate it from the background).

What to Avoid While Placing the Lighting Appliances

Now I will enumerate the most common mistakes which won’t make you look really good.

  1. Lighting appliances shouldn’t be seen in a camera; otherwise light will expose you and make the members blind.
  2. All the lamps in your room must be either white or yellow. Any other colour will change your face colour and you won’t look natural on camera.
  3. Don’t place the camera opposite of the window or sideways from it. If it is impossible to avoid it, then you need to cover the window with some household tinfoil or thick cloth.
  4. Using more than one source of light.

These are the most common mistakes and if you avoid making them, you will look much better on camera.

Conclusion. Ideal Scheme for Placing the Lighting Appliances.

Ideally, lighting of a cam model should consist of 4 sources of light. Put a wide luminescent lamp right above the computer; it will illuminate you at the moment when you communicate in the local chat and stay next to the camera. On the ceiling put a construction of three lamps (2 lamps give yellow light and 1 lamp gives white light). These lamps are located 150 cm away from the web camera. Due to this lighting your figure and face will look irresistible.

If you still have some questions or would like to share your drafts on getting the lighting right please write them in comments. I wish everybody high earnings!