Registration and ordering the Firstchoice Pay card

Nowadays the most widely-spread way of getting money from webcam sites is using the payment system Payoneer, and exactly Firstchoice Pay. In this article we will figure out how to get the Firstchoice Pay card and how to register at Payoneer.

Registration at Firstchoice Pay

Create an account in Firstchoice Pay

  1. First of all, go to the payment system site using the link.
  2. Click the link Sign up.
  3. Land on the registration page.registration first choicepay
  4. Fill in the registration form using Latin letters, not Cyrillic ones.
  5. After having filled in the form click Continue.
  6. At this step you need to write your address. It should be noted, that it’s necessary to write your real address, otherwise you won’t get the card.first choice pay settings
  7. Now you need to create a password and choose a secret question and secret answer. By all means remember the password and secret answer. You will need them in future when you contact the support service or forget the password.firstchoice pay screenshot
  8. After you have clicked Continue, there will be another window where you will need to choose your identity document, write down the registration date, tick all the boxes, and click Order.registration screenshot
  9. Registration at Firstchoice is finished. As soon as administrators look into your application, you will receive an e-mail with confirmation. You can enter your account following the link.

In your account you will need to choose two more secret questions and answers. By all means save them or write them down somewhere. Now you can already connect your Firstchoice pay account to any webcam site which works with this payment system. And now let’s find out how to order cards to get your payments.

Ordering the Payoneer Firstchoice Pay Card

  1. Enter your account.
  2. Click Order a Card.
  3. Check the delivery address and click Order.
  4. After this you will get a letter, in which the approximate date of the card delivery will be written.

Usually with the free delivery you will need to wait for a month to get your card. Sometimes people don’t get their card and have to order a new one. Not everyone gets the card after the first order, sometimes cards are lost on their way.

If you already have money in the Firstchoice Pay account, but don’t have a card yet, then you can choose paid delivery. It costs $50, but in this way you will get your card in a week, it will be delivered right to your apartment door.

Why is it Worth Using Firstchoice Pay?

Many people got frightened a bit when Payoneer rebranded to Firstchoice Pay. Having experience in working with foreign financial organizations, I understand that this is widely-spread. Now let’s look at pluses of this payment system:

  • First of all, all your money will be in dollars.
  • Tax authorities won’t know about your earnings as the card is registered not on the territory of CIS and the financial organization either.
  • You can get dollars from your card; you need to find cash machines which give out foreign currency.
  • You can call the support service on Skype and talk to the operator in Russian.

As you see, this system has a lot of pluses. So if you still think which payment system it’s better to use to get your money, Firstchoice Pay will be an excellent choice. Ask your questions and share your impressions about this service in comments.