What Presents Do Cam Models Get?

Very often girls who choose this kind of earning money think of what presents a member could give besides money. What is he ready to do for a girl whom he likes so much? In this article we will take a close look at these questions.

Communication outside Webcam

Web models are people who also have feelings; they can fancy somebody and become interested. It’s not only a member who might like a girl, this feeling can be reciprocal or she can express her attitude to that man in some way.

photo model

Though the majority of websites prohibit communication outside webcam, some models bypass this prohibition and share their contacts with members they genuinely like. They keep on communicating with these members after work. Naturally, the member compensates the time the girl spends on him giving her presents or money.

Banality of Gifts

Please, pay attention to the fact that it might be dangerous to share your contacts and personal data (we will talk about it in detail in other articles).

Join us and we will teach you all the rules of webcam sites!

Not all men are ready to be generous. As a rule, everything starts with money transfers which could be from $100 to $300. Flowers, toys, white goods and other things can be among gifts for cam models. One of the webcam girls from our studio boasted of a trip for her family abroad, which the member paid for but didn’t participate in.

present and rose

From my personal experience I can say that I have got a notebook and two iPhones after communicating with members outside webcam. Practically all the girls who did it too got at least flowers and money. The biggest gift a cam model from our studio got is an extraordinary one, it’s a car. It should be noted by all means, that communication lasted for a long time (not less than two months); it’s not that you share your contacts and wait for a gift at once. It’s important to keep in mind that communication should be enjoyable, you shouldn’t think of presents. Then you will be able to get what you want.