Earning Money as a Webcam Girl

Obviously you have come to this page on purpose, most likely you are interested in earning money as a webcam girl at home so I will help you to sort out everything. Here we will discuss the questions which are asked most frequently by newcomers, and experienced models will try to answer those questions in comments.

What Do You Need To Start Working as a Cam Model?

As soon as you have decided to work as a cam model you need to figure out what websites you will work on. Sites are different and you need to study everything about them thoroughly to choose those which suit you. As soon as you have chosen the websites you need to read the information about the ways money is paid. Those ways can be the following ones:

  • Payoneer;
  • Webmoney;
  • Epay service;
  • Paxum;
  • Bank transfer.

Taking the above mentioned ways into consideration you need to choose the quickest and the most convenient way for you. Then you need to register in one of the ways of money withdrawal. Only after that you can create an account on the website or sites you have chosen.

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Now you have to think of the equipment for your work. First of all you will need a computer with good hardware so that it could broadcast your video on a few channels; we will talk about the characteristics of the computer later. After buying a computer or a notebook you will need to get a good web camera; read about choosing a web camera in another article. Many people think it’s enough and start working, which is quite possible thought it would be better if you got some additional things such as a

  • Lamp (better a few ones) to light the room well;
  • Softbox, which is used for lighting too and it will help you to look better on camera;
  • Painting in the background to make the interior look better;
  • And ideally the room should be of a good repair state, at least that part of the room which is seen on camera.

Naturally, this list isn’t complete, one could add here different toys and other interesting things which might help you to attract members and keep their attention.

Where Does a Webcam Girl Work

If you only start looking for the information about webcam then you don’t have much knowledge about it yet, so now I will try to make it simple for you and explain where webcam girls work and how they earn money.

  1. You register at the site which is very similar to a social net, write there your personal information (it would be better if it were fake information). The main visitors of these sites are men who come to chat with girls. As they communicate via a web camera, a man (member) can enjoy looking at your body as well and if you have prepared a show for him, then he will enjoy your show too. A member is ready to pay money for this type of communication.
  2. After the registration you choose a category in which you are going to work, for instance, non nude. It is prohibited to undress in this category. Then you wait until one of the members calls you in the private chat.

Fortunately, there are many webcam sites nowadays and you can choose the site which is most suitable for you and start working on it. It might be even better to choose a few sites and work on them at the same time in order to earn more money, the way many cam models do.

What Do Webcam Sites Visitors Pay Money for?

As we have already mentioned, members look for a girl they might like and take her into a private chat. As soon as the member and the webcam girl are in a private chat, members start paying for every minute of the private chat. The girl must understand that she has to make the member interested and do everything to make him stay, so that he wouldn’t stop the private show.

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On some sites members give tokens as gifts. For instance, you are in the local chat and you are dancing, a man likes the way you are moving and he decides to make you happy by giving you a small gift, you appreciate it and start dancing something more exciting and spectacular.

Don’t forget that visitors of webcam sites are very often rich people. That is why some cam models get gifts from their loyal members in real life. There are many examples when a man has gifted some jewelry to a girl or helped to buy an apartment in the USA.

How Much Does a Cam Model Earn?

The main question every new girl asks is how much money she will earn. Actually, it depends only on you and your persistence. Some girls use webcam as a side job. For instance, women who have just given birth to a child and who want to earn money often start working as cam models. But the majority of girls work from 5 to 8 hours a day. If you work 30 hours a week then you can earn $1 000 a month.

Don’t expect high earnings during the first month though. During the first month you only will get all the necessary experience and you will start getting loyal members who like you and who are ready to pay for your show. That is why if you follow your schedule, with time men will recognize you easily and you will become more and more popular, and it’s your popularity which will ensure your high earnings. So stop thinking and come on, to the heights of the webcam business.

The Ways Payments are Carried out

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One more advantage of this work is the fact that you can get your money twice a month. This payment system is considered to be the most motivating in the West as a person doesn’t need to wait for their money for the whole month. The most widely-spread way of getting money is transferring it to the payoneer card. Using this card you can get money from any cash machine in the world. Money is transferred to the card in American dollars. Some webcam sites transfer money to Webmoney, from which you can transfer it to your credit card and then cash it.

One can describe working as a cam model for a long time but I think that long articles are always difficult to read, so you are welcome to look through other articles of our website, ask your questions in comments or register at our site and communicate in close groups at our portal devoted to webcam.