Can Guys Work on Webcam?

You know already that working as a cam model implies simply a communication with another person, usually of the other gender. That is why many people ask if working as a cam model is acute for guys too. Naturally, guys can also communicate with people and make shows. In the world there are many lonely girls who want to talk to men and are ready to pay for it, and they will have nothing against watching a show performed by a guy. Often it’s gays who come to look at the guys as there are less gays than straight people. That is why they are ready to pay for communicating with men. Earlier guys rarely worked on webcam, but nowadays there are more and more searches on the Internet on how guys work as cam models. We will talk about it here.

Differences between working as a cam model for girls and men

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Let’s see what girls do in the video chat:

  • Perform different dances;
  • Show their bodies;
  • Recite poems;
  • Make faces.

Men can also do all these things; the only difference will be in people who come to watch them. Those who come to watch shows of webcam guys, want to look at their strong bodies, some people want to get their support or cry on their shoulder.

Pluses of working as a webcam guy.

  1. You don’t need to get up early and go to work at a definite time;
  2. You are the boss, you work for yourself and you bow to no one – what could be better for a man?
  3. High earnings. Now you can feel a real man and earn much more money than your acquaintances;
  4. You can work at any place on earth, no matter if it’s Russia or Thailand.

Naturally, there are many advantages of working as a cam model. Besides, every model finds advantages for themselves, that’s why I won’t enumerate them all here.

What does a Man Need to Start Working as a Cam Model?

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So you would like to earn money for communicating with people in the video chat and you are ready to start. For work you will need the following:

1. A computer or a notebook;

2. A good web camera (read the article “How to Choose a Webcam for a Cam Model”);

3. You will have to get the lighting right (read the article “Placing Indoor Lighting Devices for a Cam Model”);

4. And the main thing is your desire to earn much money.

Of course you can do with a standard web camera and a computer with simple hardware but in this care your earnings won’t be really high. So you will need to upgrade your equipment with time.

How much money do men earn working as cam models?

Guys just as girls can earn from $500 and to infinity. Much depends on how many websites and how many hours a day you will work, and on your wish to earn much money too. Let’s take into consideration a following situation which is quite average: a guy works on three websites 5 hours a day 5 days a week. In this case a guy can earn $1 000 easily.

Men’s Comments on Working as a Cam Model

Black Tiger

I came to webcam two years ago. I had looked for a job offline before that for a long time but nobody wanted to take a young guy without any work experience. So I decided to look for a job on the Internet. Fortunately I came to know that men can work as cam models and I made up my mind to try it at once. During the first month when I was still learning I earned only $200. During the second month I earned almost $1 000 even though I worked only 3 hours a day; I spent all the rest of my time on work out and hanging out at clubs. I have earned enough money to buy a BMW; I know it might seem to be stupid to buy a car because it’s more reasonable to save money for buying an apartment, but I still think that a BMW is cooler. Naturally, I’m not going to quit working as a cam model, I would like to work for 5 years more.


My girlfriend has brought me to webcam. She had worked as a cam model for a long time already and then she decided to involve me in this business too. It was easy for me to start working because my girlfriend helped me a lot. Now we sometimes work as a couple though more often we work individually. I tell my friends about this way of earning money, not all of them agree to work as cam models but those who have tried to do it are really satisfied with it.