Communication of Models with Members outside Webcam

Should we say “yes” or “no” to the communication between cam models and members outside webcam and if it’s “yes”, what should a model be beware of? If you are a newcomer in the webcam business the answer is a definite “no”; the communication outside webcam isn’t recommended. Why? Because not having all the necessary knowledge you can make such mistakes which will make you quit working on webcam. In this article we will have a close look at this problem and define all advantages and disadvantages of communicating outside webcam.

The Beginning of the Communication of a Cam Model and a Member

You are working on webcam and all of a sudden you get a big tip and a message in the private chat: “Shall we chat on Skype maybe? Or Facebook? Or any other social net? I will transfer money to your credit card”. You feel dumb, because it means there is no need to pay any per cent of your earnings to the website, you can get money directly from a man, right? But the website guarantees you will get money after the private show, so what shall you do? In reality, a model is often taken an advantage of; members say they will pay only after the show because the sum of money is huge.

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They almost always refund their money on money transfer services after making the cam model do what they want. Always think a few steps ahead, never let money cloud your judgment.

Considering Disadvantages of Communicating outside Webcam

  • If you share you Skype contact, then with the help of an additional the member will be able to find out your IP address. After that it’s possible to find out from the Internet provider your real name and surname, etc.
  • If you share your phone number, the member will be able to find out all the social nets with the accounts linked to it and your location too.
  • If you share one of the social nets, then even if your page is fake, the member is likely to see your real friends in Possible Friends because this data will be synchronized with your account and he can expose you to your friends.

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These are only a few minuses a cam model might face. If you think of everything a few moves ahead and are careful about communicating with members outside webcam, then you needn’t worry. It’s necessary to remember that any communication outside webcam can lead to the member’s insolence, persistence, and jealousy. So answer this question honestly: do you need all this?

There are no advantages of communicating outside webcam. Everything you do on webcam is your work which you do for money, so it’s can’t be called a friendship or a pleasant communication.

It’s up to you to decide if to communicate outside webcam or not, just keep in mind that one can’t earn all money in the world.