Review of the Website Streamate

Streamate is a famous and popular site, and what is more important, it is a well-regarded one. Attendance rates show a record figure of visitors – 230 000 people visit it every day. It should be noted, that it is one of the few websites which pay for advertisements and promoting models’ rooms and the site itself. Half billion people visit it every month that is why there is a big chance to earn much money here.

Peculiarities of Streamate

One of the registration conditions is writing a unique and appealing text about you in English. Naturally, if you register via our webcam studio, our specialists will write a text especially for you. One more condition is having only one profile on Streamate.

One should add that your login here is your e-mail, which you wrote during the registration and not the model’s nickname. If you registered on this website earlier, you need to delete that account. Perhaps you would like to create a new page because you used to work here from a studio, but you don’t have an access to this page anymore. In this care our specialists will help you to solve your problem. So these are the two key conditions you have to meet, and if so the administrators of the site will approve of your registration.

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A brief review of the Streamate rules – the following things are prohibited during the online broadcasting: the third parties are seen on the camera – it’s only you who should be seen there; also, animals shouldn’t be in view.

A specific feature which concerns members of this website is that the more photos you have, the more people will look at your room, and therefore, visit it.

Registration categories on Streamate:

  • Friends (Non-Nude) – for friends, any undressing is strictly prohibited here;
  • Girl Alone – for one girl;
  • Girl –Girl (Lesbians) – an account of two girls;
  • Girl – Guy (Couple) – an account for a girl and a guy.

Payments and money withdrawal

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A cam model writes the price for the private chat (the one a member pays money for) herself. It can be from $0.99 to $4.99. You can regulate a minimal payment; it can be from $2. Payments are made fortnightly, which is pretty similar to other webcam sites.

A few words about a registration on Sreamate:

The registration period is from 1 to 24 hours. You will need the following documents for registering on Streamate:

  • A photo of your passport;
  • Your photo with your passport in your hands.

That’s all. Ask questions in comments and share your experience of working on this webcam site.