Review of the Website Visit-X

Let’s take into consideration the website Visit-X as a means to earn money for those who don’t speak English at all. So Visit-X is a German webcam site which falls under the category of offline sites, the audience is German and French.

This project was launched at the end of 2009 and in 2017 it could boast of its own TV channel, magazine and many other things. In the local chat it’s not recommended talking dirty. Here men like models who are modest for everybody else but vulgar for them.

photo visit-x

Categories on Visit-X:

  • Flirt;
  • Top Rated;
  • Hotties;
  • MILF;
  • Big Tits;
  • Chubby;
  • Tattoos/Piercing;
  • Dirty talk.

Tariffs on this website are the following:

The price for the private chat on Visit-X is $2.10; the price for the group chat is $1.89. It is also possible to sell here video and photo content for extra money.

When are Payments Made on

You can get your money on your bank account or you can get a check of $100 or $50 if you have an account in a German bank. You can withdraw your money every week.

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What is Necessary for Registering on Visit-X?

You will need the following documents for registering on Visit-X:

  • A scan of your passport;
  • Your photo with your passport in your hands;
  • A few of your photos.

Feel free to share your opinions about working on this webcam site in comments.