Review of the Website MyFreeCams

This website is really generous to cam models. It is specific and demands a model’s attention and time for consideration.


Like any other site MyFreeCams has a rating, it is called CamScore and it determines your place among other models’ rooms. Whether you are on the main page or not depends entirely on it. The higher your CamScore is, the higher position of your room is, and therefore the amount of its visitors increases considerably. After the registration on the site you will be given 1 000 for your CamScore.

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During the first three days after the registration you will be shown in a special section for NEW Models, which helps to promote a room of a new girl. The CamScore formula is an amount of time you spend on the website plus the money you earn, it means you need to earn as much as possible spending on the website very little time. One of the most significant distinctions of from other sites is an opportunity to decorate your profile in your own style. You can put a background and font according to your wish and it will make your account unique and easily recognizable.

Work Categories

Girls are not allowed to register more than one account on MyFreeCams. There are two categories on this website:

  • Girl Alone – a room where only one girl can work;
  • Girls(Lesbians) – a room where two girls work.

Attention! Men may not work on the website MyFreeCams no matter whether a man is alone or wants to work in a couple with a girl. It doesn’t mean though that guys can’t work on webcam (read the article Can Guys Work on Webcam).

Payments and Money Withdrawal

Payments are made fortnightly. A minimal payment is $1.

Money equivalent on MyFreeCams is tokens. 1 token=$0.05.

Private show. You are taken to a private chat but other members can join it and peep at you. The price for 1 second of the private chat is 1 token; 1 minute is 60 tokens which makes $3.

Peeping. Members see that a model is in the private chat and enter her room to peep at her. The price for one second is 0.333 tokens; 1 minute is 20 tokens which makes $1 from every member who is peeping.

Group show. A few members and a cam model agree upon a group private chat. The price for 1 second is 0,166 tokens and the price for 1 minute is 10 tokens so $0.5 is paid by every member who watches the group show.

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The registration period is from 12 to 72 hours. You will need the following documents for registering at MyFreeCams:

  1. Your identity card to prove you are an adult (your passport or driver’s license);
  2. Your photo with this document in your hands;
  3. 2 or 3 pictures for the avatar of your profile.

That’s all, if you have questions, ask them below in comments or in the group MyFreeCams.