Working Place of a Cam Model

One of the main factors for increasing earnings of a webcam girl is her working place. The way it looks like influences the cam model’s earnings because it’s important if it attracts a member or not. Today we are going to look deeper in this topic and understand how it is better to set up one’s working place to increase earnings on webcam.


job place webmodel

The first thing a member pays attention to is where the model lives and what are her surroundings. If the surroundings are bad and disgusting the chances are he won’t like the girl either, so he will leave your broadcasting. The things which shouldn’t be in your room:

  • An old carpet in the background;
  • Wallpaper or paint on the walls shouldn’t come off;
  • The atmosphere on the whole shouldn’t remind of the past.

If you don’t have enough money to do a good repair of your room, you can put some one-colour fabric on the walls, take off a carpet, remove any webs, and put up clean curtains.

Lighting of a Working Place

Lighting is one of the main things for your working place. Don’t save money by not investing enough into lighting (read the article Placing Indoor Lighting Devices for a Cam Model). Lighting shouldn’t be too dim as it might have been in the USSR. Don’t use lighting devices of different colours either. Green, red and any other colour can make your figure look really bad on the screen. Use white bright light to look elegant and natural.

Details of the Interior

photo place webmodel

Walls of your room shouldn’t look boring. Try to make them look interesting:

  • Hang a painting;
  • Put a flower;
  • You can put an aquarium and attend to it during your shows;
  • Put cuddly toy animals on your bed, give them names and introduce them to the member;
  • It would be excellent if you could put a pole for a strip dance.

As you see, you could think of many interesting things. It is very important not only be cute yourself but have an exciting interior too.

Furniture for your Working Place

room model

There are no definite rules on what pieces of furniture it’s better to put in the room, but I can say for sure that members like big beds or small leather sofas. Don’t use only one chair at your working place.

The furniture shouldn’t be old or dirty. If it’s not flawless it’s better to cover it with a beautiful piece of cloth to hide all the drawbacks.

Technical Equipment

To find out what computer to choose follow this link. Here I will write a few basic things:

  • I recommend to use a big monitor or even TV to see what members write well and see your own image well too;
  • Use a wireless mouse and keyboard to be mobile;
  • Choose a good web camera (read the article Choosing a Webcam for Working as a Cam model), it would be better if it were with remote control;
  • If you work on 6 or more websites at once use two monitors.

More Things to Add

job place

One more element of the cam model’s working place is music. It influences both your mood and the mood of your visitors. Ask your guests what music they would like to be on.

It is recommended to have a make-up bag, different suits and sex toys in the room. Members shouldn’t wait till you bring something from another room. Don’t forget though that these things shouldn’t be seen on camera.

Use your imagination, think what interesting things you might place in the room and thus attract members. Share your opinions on what you have put in your room in comments.