Work in Video Chat

Work in video chat presupposes making interesting shows on camera. Spectators who are called members will pay you money for such shows. Your task is to make them interested in your video chat and attract as many members who are ready to pay as possible.

This work suits both girls and guys. The only thing you need is to have something interesting about you, something that will attract spectators. Broadcasting is usually held on foreign websites and all spectators are foreigners.

What does the Work in Video Chat Presuppose?

You can start working today. Here we will describe a few simple steps which will help you to earn money in video chat for the first time:

  1. You send us your data;
  2. We register you in foreign video chats;
  3. We teach you;
  4. You start working;
  5. You get the money you have earned every day if you want to.

How to Start Working as Video Chat Model?

Submitting your application

You fill in the registration form and send your documents, it’s necessary to make sure you are not younger than 18 years old. Foreign video chats demand it too.


After the registration you are given an access to your personal account, where you will find many of educational materials. Your manager will connect you on Skype, explain everything to you in details and answer all your questions.


You have finished your education and now you can start working in video chat. Naturally, at first it might seem difficult to you but with time you will learn all the details of your work and your earnings will increase.


We transfer money to any payment systems be it credit cards or Internet wallets. You can always connect your manager and find out all the details about payments.

How much can one earn in video chat?

Опыт работы
Дней в неделю
Часов работы
Уровень английского
Время работы

I want to start working. What do I need for it?

  • You need to be 18 years old or older;

  • You need to have a computer with an access to the Internet;

  • A good web camera;It’s recommended to have a good lighting in the room;

  • Minimum of 4 hours of free time.

Reviews on Work in Video Chat


I like the work in video chat because one can work at any time at all. Besides, one can combine it with one’s basic job. As for me, I have already left my main job and now my main job is working in video chats. After 5 months of work I started earning $800 every two weeks and I’m sure I will increase it two times in future.


I have learned about this job from a friend, now she and I work in a couple. As far as I know, people in a couple earn much more than alone. Now we would like to find a guy and work all together. I highly recommend this work to everyone.


I have worked for a month and earned $600, they say it’s a good result. I like this work and I’ve told my acquaintances about it, two of them got interested and plan to start working in video chat too.