How to Open your Webcam Studio?

The business idea of opening a webcam studio isn’t new anymore but it’s still very popular. In this article we will discuss the main steps one needs to take in order to set up a webcam studio. We will talk about the equipment one needs for that as well.

Step 1. Finding a suitable apartment for a webcam studio

You have to take many things into consideration before renting any office or apartment, because people in offices next door to yours might dislike constant music from your office, and the neighbors in the apartments next door might dislike loud sounds as well. Still we would recommend renting an apartment because walls in houses are usually thicker, and besides less people will know what business you have.

Basic requirements for the studio:

  • Ideally the apartment has a lot of small rooms so that a few models can work at once and you pay less for rent;
  • By all means pay attention to the interior, it should be bright. Thanks to a good interior your models will earn well;
  • There should be a bathroom and toilet in the apartment, it’s advisable that they are separate because one can broadcast from a bathroom too;
  • It would be an advantage if the Internet connection is available in every room and there are Ethernet sockets;
  • Besides, girls feel safe if the house is surrounded with a fence and there is a buzzer at the entrance.

Try not to look a big apartment at once, because at first you will have a few models. Two or three working places will be enough at first. And the next step will be looking for these models.

Step 2. Searching for Models for a Webcam Studio

photo studio girl

The most difficult step for a newcomer in this business is searching for girls who would agree to work as cam models. There are a few ways of attracting people to this work:

  1. Offering a job on social nets. To do that you need to create a few accounts and start spamming girls who live in your city and whose age is from 18 till 30. Ideally, you should send about 300 messages a day;
  2. Put a notice about your job offer on notice boards. It would be better if you wrote that you are looking for a model to do a shoot. In this way you will get more calls and won’t attract too much attention to you;
  3. Turn to the advertisement agency in you city and ask them to put your notices in the district where you want to rent an apartment for the studio. It will make the local girls get interested, and it will be convenient for them to go to work to your studio.

These are the main avenues for searching models. Maybe you have friends who need a job; in this case you can offer a job to them too.

It’s advisable to meet the candidates for work at a café or a shopping mall, but not at the studio. During the conversation you must explain the essence of work to a girl and make it clear for yourself if she can work or not. Take her to the studio only if she is really able to work there.

Step 3. Choosing equipment

It’s not only the interior of the room that influences a cam model’s earning but her technical equipment as well. Here is a list of equipment a girl will use for work and which is absolutely necessary:

  • A high-quality web camera, as members want to see every part of the girl’s body in detail. It should show colours and the size of the girl correctly. To read more details on what camera to choose for a cam model follow this link;
  • A computer. It should be powerful enough not to lag during broadcasting; a girl shouldn’t waste her time on waiting till it works well again. To find out more details about the characteristics of the computer click here.
  • Good lighting. Many people ignore this requirement, but I assure you that when you place lighting devices correctly broadcasting will look much more spectacular.

I would also recommend buying comfortable arm-chairs so that a model wouldn’t be tired. It’s advisable to have an administrator with their own working place; this person will watch girls’ behavior during broadcasting and give them their opinion on what they need to correct and what they do well.

Step 4. Creating Accounts of the Studio on Webcam Sites

Simultaneously with searching for models create accounts of your studio on webcam sites where you plan to register your models. You could let the model who has already worked do it or you could figure it out yourself. You will also need an administrator who will solve different problems.

Step 5. Some Trifles during the Opening

photo girl on money

Besides some banal steps think of how often you are going to pay your models, and what per cent you will take to yourself.

Think of bonuses you will have, for example free photo shoots or a gym membership. It is advisable that you have tea, cookies, and other sweet things in the kitchen. Keep in mind that you are going to work with girls, and girls like when they are taken care of.

How Much Money does one Need to Open a Webcam Studio?

Calculations given below are approximate and your expenses could be either higher or lower.

  • Renting an apartment – $600
  • 3 working places – $2100
  • Advertisements to find models – $200
  • Total – $2900

As you see, expenses on launching this business are not high in comparison with other kinds of business. I guess now it’s clear to you how to open a webcam studio.

Our Help

The steps which are described above are only the tip of the iceberg. On your way to opening a webcam studio you might face a lot of daunting challenges and describing each of them might take too much time.

  • We have opened and helped to open dozens of studios;
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