Story of Working as a Webcam Girl

It all started when I turned 18 years old. My sister worked somewhere at night and I couldn’t understand what she actually did at work, I started asking her questions to find out the details. But she either deviated from the theme of our conversation or didn’t talk to me at all. In some time though she told me she worked at a specially equipped office at the Internet shop in the USA; she said she did it at night because it was daytime for America. I believed her.

First Impression about Webcam

One day when her office administrator went out somewhere she called me and invited me to have a look at that office. To my surprise, I saw a website with girls on the Internet, not a shop. Sister told me why she had concealed her work and had avoided talking to me about it. She asked then if I wanted to try and work on webcam too, but I refused. Nevertheless, later I often thought of it. Some time passed and I started having difficulties in paying all my bills. At that moment I registered at one of webcam sites, ordered a card and got down to work.

Photo of girl webmodel

It was very difficult to start working all by myself, I was very shy. I didn’t know what to do and how to communicate with members, my camera and background left much to be desired. In fact, they were awful.

Smell of Money

During my first day of work I earned about $103. My happiness knew no bounds, because I hadn’t believed before that one could earn such a sum of money without taking off one’s clothes. After having worked for half a year I bought a good camera, computer and decorated the background. After that I started leaning new websites. When I found the one I liked I registered. I watched many videos with models there. Then I got acquainted with a man.

He was rather rich and paid me well. In 5 months I saved enough money to buy a car, new computer and high-quality camera. Then he suggested our meeting at one of famous resorts, he was ready to pay for everything. I was thinking for about two weeks if I should go, I asked my friends for advice and read information on the topic on different forums. I decided I would go and have a rest with him, nothing more. He sent money and a voucher. On the 1st of December in 2013 we met in Dubai.

In the conclusion I can say that our holiday romance turned into love. He was incredibly handsome, generous and attentive. Two months later I moved to America.