Cam Model’s Story

Hi folks! I’ve decided to publish here a real story of one cam model. I know this girl and I could watch everything described below with my own eyes. In my opinion, this is one of good examples how one’s dreams can come true at any moment. There will be no limitations for your dreams on webcam.

Registration on “a Wonder Site”

At first I worked as an administrator at the beauty salon and my salary was rather high, but then difficult times came, and one of my acquaintances suggested my registering on “a wonder site”. Naturally, nobody told me all the details of work at once; I knew what it would be like only in a general way. I accepted the offer and decided to try something new. I discovered a lot of pluses in my new work immediately:

  • One can earn money at home;
  • There is no tactile contact with people whom I don’t know really well;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • You are your own boss.

These advantages influenced me a lot when I made a decision to work as a cam model. During the first month I didn’t face any difficulties, and I was never tired. On the contrary, I started finding more and more positive things in my new work. Step by step I got used to the schedule of cam models, learned new webcam sites and understood all the context and meaning of working as a webcam girl.

girl reading book

Gaining Momentum

I started learning to manipulate men and playing with fantasies. I showed my skills as an actress online and besides, I used “the language of flirting”. Every week I got more and more loyal “friends”, they were more and more active; I became more and more popular and was almost among the top models of the site. On one of such days I met him, his name was Stephan and he was from Dubai. He prepared surprises for me, gave gifts on the site and was very generous without demanding anything in return. It was very easy to communicate with him, and I could be the real me with him. We started communicating outside webcam and I didn’t even need any money for that, I wanted to share everything that was going on in my life with him, wanted him to be there for me and understand me. And then I found myself thinking about Stephan outside work. This thought looked ridiculous and weird to me because I always kept professional and personal strictly separate. I started studying special forums and read about cases when a cam model falls in love with a member. I came to the conclusion that he showed up at the right place at the right time, when I needed support and understanding of a friend and which I couldn’t find in my life then. We kept on communicating for about 6 months and my birthday was soon.

Achieving the Result

My happiness had no bounds when it was my birthday and I found $10 000 on my profile (at that time it was a bit more than 300 000 rubles). I bought my first car. Perhaps it was the most pleasant gift on webcam. Of course, later I got more gifts and some of them were even more expensive. But I wanted to share this very story with you because I consider it to be the most magic one.