Offline Webcam Sites

Very often models ask if there are any offline sites for working as a model which could be combined with other webcam sites. Let’s now have a closer look at such sites, which are also called non-adult ones, to give a better idea of what they are to those who don’t know it. We will also describe each of these sites.

An offline site is a site where a member won’t see your video unless he goes to your private chat. Only photos of cam models are available to members. A member clicks the profile he likes and goes to the private chat at once, therefore he starts paying immediately.

Pluses of Offline Sites

Many people don’t understand why cam models are so much interested in non-adult webcam sites, as earnings on them are considerably less. But there are some pluses as well:

  • Such sites are an excellent start for new models, who don’t want to take off their clothes in front of the camera. They give an opportunity to get used to the camera and understand the webcam interface.
  • You don’t need to work in front of the camera all the time, it’s necessary only when a member goes to your private chat.
  • Working at these sites can be easily combined with working on other sites.
  • One has an opportunity to stand out from other models thanks to good photos, not good shows as it is on free sites.

And now let’s move on to offline webcam sites.

Cam Contacts

photo camcontacts

The main peculiarity of this site is many filters which members can use to sort out models.

The interface is simple and user friendly. New models learn it quickly. Besides, this site doesn’t overload your computer, so one can combine working on it with working on other sites.


screen imlive

There is the online chat and the offline chat here. When a member goes to your offline chat he can communicate with you in texting and only after that go to your private chat.

One more peculiarity is that a model sets a price for the private chat herself. Everything is the same here, if you work in the offline mode. The main thing you need to do is to post beautiful photos to attract members.


Many models who work on Runets don’t even know that there is the offline mode; it is called “Discount chat”.

Here members won’t see your broadcasting as well unless they go to your private chat. They will see only your photos before that. That’s why Runets suits new Russian models, who just start getting acquainted with webcam, down to the ground.

We have listed the main offline sites where one can earn money. Remember though that cam models get their main earnings on foreign free sites.

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